Edinburgh walking tours

Athens of the North, Auld Reakie and the City of Spires are just some of the names this great and ancient capital city is known by. As one of the great cultural cities of the world with every modern amenity you could seek, Edinburgh is a must for any modern visitor to Europe. As one of the great Georgian cities of Britain, Edinburgh with its wonderful neo classical architecture is considered one of the most attractive in Europe but it boasts even more, the Old Town of Edinburgh is one of the few World Heritage sites in Britain and is considered one of the finer medieval quarters in Europe.

Edinburgh has a hidden world of heritage, a genuine centre of the enlightenment. Scotland’s capital city was responsible for the development of the modern world as we know it today, medicine, science, philosophy and many other faculties were all driven by residents of this wonderful place. At some stage you will have read or heard the literary works of this cities great wordsmiths, Scott, Stevenson, Conan Doyle and many, many more of the finest authors have taken inspiration from this cities magnificence and enjoyed calling it home, why not take a walk through the same streets as they would have seen, past the houses of their friends and peers?

With such a huge amount to offer the modern visitor the greatest challenge is deciding what to do and see in the time you have but one thing is for sure, a trip to the City of Spires will do more than satisfy, whatever your tastes and wants, this city will provide.

As with all Executive Scotland walking tours our products are unique and bespoke, designed to fit your needs. Be sure to put a little time into deciding exactly what you would like to see and an Executive Scotland walking tour of Edinburgh will provide much, much more.


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