Walking tours of Perth

Congratulations to this fair city, the newest city in Scotland!

As part of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee celebrations, Perth has once again been given city status. One of the most relaxing and visually attractive cities in Scotland, Perth has everything you need for an excellent visit. Founded as a Roman fort in the late classical period it quickly grew into one of the finest cities in the land. St John’s Cathedral, in the very heart of the city centre is an excellent example of Scottish religious architecture, surrounded by genuinely independent shopping experiences, visitor attractions and more, this compact arrangement makes Perth the ideal location for an excellent walking tour. With a perfect balance of rural and urban life, this modern city provides an insight into Scottish culture and history which is as unique as it is enjoyable.

As a genuinely European city Perth has a lot to offer the modern traveler, with a real “al fresco” feel, the bars and restaurants here offer an experience which is not often matched in Britain. Why not take some time to enjoy a world class walking tour here in the heart of Scotland as an effective antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern, urban Scotland whilst providing all the amenities and attractions you expect from a modern tourist destination. With excellent transport links from Glasgow, Edinburgh and most other major towns and cities in Scotland, as well as a number of excellent hotels and guest houses, Perth is easy to get to and a wonderful foil to the crowds of the larger Central belt cities.

All our walking tours of Perth are designed to be unique, whether for your first or last day in Scotland our walking tours of Perth can be tailored to suit your needs and cannot be recommended highly enough particularly in the height of summer when the larger towns and cities of Central Scotland can become rather crowded.


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