Walking tours of St Andrews

St Andrews is one of the most sophisticated towns in Britain. Boasting one of the most highly rated universities in Europe and the oldest in Scotland this ancient town has attracted visitors from across the continent for a millenia.

The ruins of the cathedral, once one of the largest in Europe, sit in the heart of a complex of churches and relicries which took well over a century to build. Next door are the exceptionally well preserved bishops palace and defensive walls. This is one of the most significant and remarkable historic sites in britain! With a large number of genuinely independent boutiques and up market restaurants St Andrews is the ideal destination for the discerning retail enthusiast, why not take a walking tour of this exceptional and ancient royal burgh whilst following in the thousand year old footsteps of pilgrims from across the continent.

Once one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Europe and one of the most important academic and religious sites in Scotland, modern St Andrews is possibly the finest and most exclusive destination available in Britain today. A back drop of bloodthirsty and turbulent history provide an excellent walking tour experience here.

All Executive Scotland walking tours of St Andrews are unique and St Andrews will not disappoint, whatever your interests and expectations this ancient town will surprise and exceed!


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