walking tours of Stirling

Stirling, ancestral home of the Stewart dynasty, bastion of Scotland’s defence has stood resolute and resplendent for over a millenia. Why not come and spend a few hours or a full day in this beautiful and historic city. With one of the finest medieval quarters in Scotland coupled with some of the best preserved Renaissance architecture in Britain, Stirling is a must see for all visitors to Scotland.


The ancient royal burgh

Spend some time in Parliament Hall, take a seat before the three estates of Scotland as her most glorious monarchs once did, stroll through the bed chambers of Mary Queen of Scots and enjoy the finest collection of Scottish Renaissance art in the splendour of the Royal Palace of King James the Fifth. After the majesty of the royal courtyard perhaps a trip around the Museum of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, the second most heavily decorated regiment in British Military history or survey some of the finest surviving artillery defences from the early modern era. If military architecture is not your thing Stirling boasts the first European renaissance church built in Britain as well as the imposing Church of the Holly Rude one of only two standing churches in Britain to house the coronation of a British monarch.

One of the finest Victorian towers in Scotland

Marking the location of the command post during the battle of Stirling Brodge.

Perhaps a visit to the finest nobleman’s townhouse in Scotland, be amazed by the aspirations of Viscount Canada or the Religious fervour of the Earl and Countess of Argyle in what can only be described as the stunning home known as the Argyll’s Lodgings, restored to its full splendour after nearly two centuries as a military hospital.

A wonderfull attraction on any walking tour of Stirling

Any walking tour of Stirling should include the Argyll's Lodgings

With many more sites to see Stirling, home of the kings and queens of Scotland, is bound to impress the modern visitor as it would ambassadorial delegations during the medieval age. One of the most heavily fought over sites in northern Europe Stirling is a prize for any visitor, one which will live long in the memory of all historical and cultural enthusiasts.

For this glorious city why not spend the full day, hours of emotional delight and turmoil, blood, guts and royal splendour abound with a walk through Stirling Castle then on to visit the Argyll’s Lodgings for some excellent social history via one of the finest late medieval graveyards in Scotland. After this the Church of the Holly Rude to see one of the most significant surviving historical buildings in Scotland. Later a trip past the defensive walls of the town followed by a stroll through the heart of the ancient royal burgh. With excellent restaurants, hotels, bars and transport from all major towns and cities in Scotland, this one is a must!

This knight in the norman style is an accurate depiction of a Scottish nobleman on the field of battle.

This depiction of an early fourteenth centuary knight demonstrates the ferocity of close combat at the battle of Bannockburn.

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