“We are back from our eight-days in Scotland. On July 30 we had one of our best tours ever!!
Over the past four years, My wife and I have spent holidays in 34 cities in 22 countries and worked with tour guides in most places. Our experiences have all been very good. So, when I say that Joe Clifford was one of the best, it should really mean something. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable about Scottish history; he was never at a loss responding to any of our many questions. Equally important, he was very professional and easy to work with. Joe is a nice person who loves his job and we would recommend him to anyone in an instant.”
Mike Cameron
“Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful tour of Stirling, you have inspired me to take up guiding again, one of the best experiences I’ve had!”
Iain Miller
“When we came to Scotland it was wet and cold, the 90 minute tour of Edinburgh Castle you gave us turned our entire holiday into a wonderful experience. In such a short time you brought the entire country to life, of course the rainbow helped!”
Kate Willson
“He gave us one of the best tours we have ever had, he entertained our family and gave us all the information we needed for a great holiday in Scotland, our only regret was not meeting him earlier in our holiday”
Caroline MacDonald

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